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Web Design

C Sharp

Using CSS Shorthand Notation

CSS is used to indicate how you want your HTML Web pages to look. One of the biggest benefits of CSS is that it reduces the amount of text sent to the visitor's browser. Defining a style once and then re-using it several times on all of your pages cuts...(more)


Key Tips for Using SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are used to improve the security of Web applications. Using SSL certificates is essential if you run an e-commerce website. It is becoming increasingly common for other kinds of websites that allow users to log on, such as forums and social networks, to use SSL certificates too....(more)

Finding Cheap SSL for Your Small Business

If you run an e-commerce website or collect sensitive personal information from your users, the security of your website must be your primary concern. It is essential for e-commerce websites to have a valid SSL certificate because this certificate is used to encrypt and decrypt information and verify the identity of the website. Obtain cheap SSL certificates from a range of providers....(more)

Why You Should Be Using an SSL Certificate on Your Website

Having an SSL certificate is an important way to protect your website content and data, as well as the visitors who visit your site. These certificates don't come in paper form; rather they provide protection for the most sensitive data that is transferred back and forth between a user and your website. They also allow your visitors to quickly identify whether they are actually on your website, and not the website of a spammer or scammer trying to duplicate your site to draw people in. If you haven't installed an SSL certificate yet, this article will give you all the reasons you need to do so right now....(more)

Design 101

Design 101: How to Create Your Own Website Using Adobe Dreamweaver

Creating a website is a very time consuming and often frustrating process. One way to help make the process faster and easier is to use software that allows you to see a preview of what your website looks like in a Web browser as you create it. One of the most popular software products that does this is Adobe Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a great program to help you create an interesting, functional website, even if you are not completely proficient in HTML or other coding languages. Create a website in Dreamweaver by following the steps below....(more)

Understanding the Golden Ratio in Web Design

Artists and architects use the golden ratio of design to create eye-appealing pieces. This long-standing design concept also works well for Web pages. The following is an explanation of how to use the golden ratio in Web design....(more)

What Is Opacity, and How Is It Used to Create Dynamic Web Pages?

There are many different terms used in Web design that are obscure and unknown by many people just getting into the business. Opacity is a term that is common in image editing and graphic design circles, and it is becoming common in Web design as well. Here is a brief overview of what opacity is and how it is used....(more)