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Web Design


Inserting IE Doctype in Your HTML

Every document you write or create in HTML for Web pages will have tags to allow each viewer to read it. This is because each document is written and saved in a certain type. As the years have passed, the document type has changed. Each program will be saved with the tag after the name and a period, such as .exe, .txt, and .wps. These are a few examples of how documents are tagged with a type. Read on for answers to several questions commonly asked regarding the IE doctype....(more)

How Komodo Edit Simplifies Your Coding

Komodo Edit is a text editor for computer programmers. Computer programmers use text editors to write code without the complications formatting and special symbols create with standard word processors. Komoda Edit is a product of ActiveState and reflects the company's commitment to creating high-value, low-cost open-source software....(more)

Best Website Design Software for Beginners

If you're just exploring a career in Web design, don't spend a lot of money for an expensive software program. Adobe's Dreamweaver and Muse are excellent programs; however, they are expensive, and you don't need all those bells and whistles when you're beginning. When looking for website software for beginners, you need something functional and inexpensive. Here are some great options....(more)

FTP Client Filezilla Review

If you are working with online files, then you will inevitably need to find an ftp client to help you access those files for editing, or to simply add things to online folders. Before you look for an ftp client, you have to understand the purpose of ftp. Ftp stands for file transfer protocol, and is how you place web pages, images and more online for access through a domain. There are many different ftp clients, but Filezilla is a popular, free ftp client reviewed positively by many programmers. Even though there are paid programs, and many people feel more comfortable with programs they pay for rather than ones they get for free, Filezilla is a safe, reliable program with very few drawbacks....(more)

Web Hosting

What to Look for in a Website Hosting Company

When it comes to websites, there are several pieces that must work together to create a site that is functional and user friendly. The first step to having a website is choosing a domain. The domain name acts as an address for the website. Once you have an address for your website, you have to choose the place the files that make up your website will live. A hosting company provides the home for your files; therefore, choosing a good web hosting company is very important. In order for your website to move quickly, you need to make sure you are using a reputable host that can offer ample amounts of scalability....(more)

Effective Tips for Marketing Web Pages

Once you have designed, built and launched your website, your focus shifts to driving targeted traffic to your Web pages. There are quite a few ways to accomplish this. Here are a few basic tips for marketing Web pages effectively....(more)

Reviews of the Most Popular Web Hosting Companies

The first step to setting up a website is to find a web hosting company to sign up with. The agency you sign up with depends on multiple factors such as disk space, bandwidth, up time, availability of customer service and whether it allows for the setup of multiple domains. If you are unsure of which company to go with, look up a few web hosting companies reviews for a comparison of the features that each company offers to their clients....(more)

Web Browsers

Ensure Your Website is Secure at all Times

With a lot more information available on the Internet for personal, business, entertainment, and knowledge purposes, websites are increasingly under the risk of being compromised at any time. While you may want to think your site has little to offer, hackers will take advantage of cheap website security for their own malicious purposes. Which makes it all the more important to ensure that your website is secure at all times. Here now are some top tips to help keep your site's data safe....(more)

ADA Compliant Website Guidelines

The concept of expanding opportunities for individuals with disabilities gave way to building with ramps, wheelchair friendly restroom stalls, and televisions that have closed captioning for the hearing impaired. These special privileges for people with disabilities follow the guidelines that are set by the American with Disabilities Act or ADA. ADA is also visible in the computer world. ADA compliant websites are also present to accommodate those who are disabled. However, some of the websites lack the motivation or awareness to reach out to the disabled. Website designers must provide extra effort to let the disabled persons access the full range of resources that the World Wide Web provides....(more)

Understanding the Browser Emulator

One vital part of the Web is the browser. It is a window that a web user must use in order to interact with web applications and other users. The user is in constant communication with web applications through web browsers. However, even a novice web designer would quickly learn that not all browsers are created equally. Just a simple HTML element can be interpreted with subtle differences in many browsers. This is where a browser emulator comes in handy. A browser emulator is an easy way to test out new designs that can reduce headaches and errors when developing new web pages....(more)